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Baoding Huayun Conveyor Machinery Co.,Ltd is a manufacture a wide series of Idler Roller and its Accessories such as Conveying Set, Carrying Idler, Flat Return Idler,Toughing Idler, Conveyor Belt Guide Roller, Impact Idler, Drum Pulley and many conveyor accessories form material handling purpose as described ahead. All the conveyor accessories are designed and developed with high quality material.

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Different kinds of conveyor roller bearing end cap:

About roller,we can make gravity conveyor roller,steel conveyor roller,driving roller,light middle duty conveyor roller,o-belt tapered sleeve roller,gravity tapered roller,polymer sprocket roller and so on.



The certificates for conveyor roller bearing end cap:





Baoding Huayun Parts gravity conveyor roller Feature: 


1. The basic requirement of the gravity conveying is to make the conveying easy and simple; the specially designed semi-precision stamping bearing solves it well.


2. Its ample clearance could effectively disperse the axial force on the bearing.


3. The operation noise is a little louder than rollers, but could fully meet the requirement of the common gravity conveying.


4. Not suitable in high speed application, not suggest to be the supporting roller of the belt conveyor. 


5. Temperature range: 0 to +80  centigrade degree.



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