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Our range of plastic gravity rollers have been developed to suit a wide variety of applications and industries. 

Our plastic rollers weigh less and operate more quietly than common steel rollers. Since they are manufactured with high quality polymer components, they can perform well in wet, dirty and even corrosive environments, which can be detrimental to steel rollers. Our PVC roller has a hard surface which reduces the possibility of contaminant adhesion and is much easier to clean should a slight buildup occur.

 The bulk of our plastic rollers use a plain / journal (sleeve) type bearing as opposed to ball bearings. The bearing is a low friction, wear resistant material that provides a long productive service life. Our bearing design tolerates dirt and moisture, two elements that tend to damage ball bearings. Of course, we can supply our plastic rollers with ball type bearings.

 Our plastic rollers can be used on gravity as well as driven conveyors.  plastic rollers come in light duty and medium duty designs with many mounting options, the most common being a spring loaded shaft. Our blind bore rollers are ideal for use where equipment wash downs occur and on roller flight conveyors.

 plastic conveyor rollers are relatively maintenance free!

 While most of our pvc conveyor rollers are used in conveying applications, there are many non-conveying uses for plastic rollers. Feel free to discuss your application with .

Advantages of  Plastic Conveyor Rollers:

  • Wash-down applications

  • Sanitary design

  • Corrosive environments

  • Light weight

  • Non-marring

  • Easy installation

  • Quieter operation

  • Low maintenance


  • Food & Beverage

  • Chemical

  • Distribution

  • Glass

  • Agriculture

Bespoke variants available on request, to discuss further, please send us an email, tell us your needs, we will provide you with solutions as soon as possible.

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