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Gravity roller

When will the gravity roller conveyor be used?

 The gravity conveyor moves the load without the use of motor power, usually moving down a slope, or pushing the load along a flat conveyor by people. Gravity roller conveyors transport products or work-in-progress from one work area to another. Titan gravity conveyor is a low-cost and ergonomic material transportation method.

What is a gravity conveyor roller?

Gravity roller conveyor logistics racks are used to connect man-machine work. Gravity roller conveyor logistics shelves store sugar and wine goods that need to be picked. Each roller table can store 2 pallets, one end is stored by a stacker, and the other end of the gravity roller table is manually picked up.

Galvanized steel gravity roller

The benefits of galvanized steel gravity roller

1.Exceptionally low-noise operation

-Drive heads (alternatively sprockets made of steel)

2.Replaceable chain heads and toothed belt heads for fixed and friction drives

-Fixed bearing housings for attachable drive heads

3.Comprehensive drive versions

-Round, toothed and flat belts; chain drive

 Parts of gravity roller

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