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How to Prevent Vibration of the Lower Roller Group of the Belt Conveyor?

Aug. 18, 2020

As an important part of the belt conveyor, the parallel idler group occupies a large proportion of the investment of the whole machine, especially in the long-distance belt conveyor. At present, the lower idler of the unilateral structure is commonly used. The lower side carries the return belt surface of the belt machine, but due to its insufficient roundness, uneven wear after the long-term operation, or adhesion of materials on the roller shell, the parallel lower roller set often forms an approximate eccentric wheel, Resulting in periodic vibration on the return belt surface, forming a source of vibration. Because the return belt surface will not transport materials, the weight is lighter, and the distance between the lower rollers of the conveyor is large, etc., the cycle of the conveyor belt rollers Under the excitation of sexual vibration, the return belt surface advances in a wavy manner, especially on long-distance light belt conveyors. This phenomenon will be more obvious, which will reduce the service life of the lower idler and the transportation belt. This vibration may also be related to the belt. The corridor or analysis frame of the conveyor forms resonance, which brings safety hazards to production.

Fabric Conveyor Belt

In order to avoid the above problems, the industry needs to develop a new type of roller set product for users to prevent the vibration of the conveyor belt equipment, improve the stability of the conveying machinery, and extend the life of the lower roller and conveyor belt. In view of this, this type of roller set independently developed by the rubber conveyor belt manufacturer mainly supports the return belt surface through the main roller, and the auxiliary roller suppresses the vibration of the return belt surface, so as to achieve the effect of improving the overall life of the conveying equipment. This structure includes The supporting roller pair can be distributed side by side along the rubber belt. The main roller and the auxiliary roller form an adjustable distance between the main roller and the auxiliary roller, which can be used for the return belt surface of the belt conveyor to pass through, so as to adapt to the rubber conveyor belt of different thickness. The supporting roller pairs can be randomly arranged along the direction of the endless conveyor belt. The main roller supports the belt surface, and the auxiliary roller suppresses the vibration of the return belt surface, plays a filtering role, and effectively guarantees the smooth operation of the conveying equipment.

The parallel lower roller set with the above new structure can replace any ordinary products and can bring greater economic benefits to related industries such as metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, electric power, and food.

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