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30 inch diameter CEMA C trough conveyor idler roller

Our steel roller's pocessing techniques and qullity are among the best in China. Unique design, reasonable structure and advanced techniques ensure minimum radlal jump, reduce noise and energyconsumption.

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Our steel roller's pocessing techniques and qullity are among the best in China. Unique design,reasonable structure and advanced techniques ensure minimum radlal jump, reduce noise and energyconsumption.


Steel Tube Conveyor Roller Gravity Conveyor Roller

flexible moving satisfied, long service time

Manufacturing Procedures:

The employees in Huayun do all they could to bring the best conveyor rollers and other products to our customers. The production process of steel tube conveyor rollers is as following:

1. Pre-treatment: All the pipes are treated to the status that is easy for spraying, and the color will be more beautiful;

2. Pipe Cutting: After the treatment, the pipes are cut into fixed length;

3. End Boring: In this step, boring is processed. With our automatic double end boring machine, we make sure that the roller pipe is treated under the same level;

4. Bearing Welding: Two bearings are pressed into the pipe, and welded together with the pipe;

5. Painting & Surface Treatment: Huayun adopts advanced electrical painting, we also accepts customized painting demands;

6. Shaft Cutting: Similar to the pipe cutting process, the shafts are cut into same length and the section is flat;

7. Shaft Milling: At this stage, the shaft is treated at two ends, making into the flat ends;

8. Final Assembling: In this last step, the pipe and the shaft are pressed into a steel tube conveyor roller with the automatic press assembling machine.

Product Specification:

Roller Dia(mm)Length Scope(mm)Shaft Dia(mm)Bearings Type(Min-Max)Roller's TubeThickness
7620;25204 205
8920;25204 2053.2mm-6.0mm
10220;25;30204 205 3053.5mm-6.0mm
10820;25;30204 205 305 306
11420;25;30205 206 305 306
12720;25;30204 205 305 306
13320;25;30205 206 207 305 306
14020;25;30205 206 207 305 306
15220;25;30205 206 207 305 306 307 3084.0mm-6.0mm
15920;25;30;40;45205 206 207 305 306 307 308
16520;25;30;40;45207 305 306 307 3084.5mm-6.0mm
177.820;25;30;40;45207 306 307308 309
190.720;25;30;40;45207 306 307308 309
19420;25;30;40;45207 307 308 309 310
21920;25;30;40;45308 309 310

Packaging & Shipping:

When your order is sent in a whole container, the conveyor roller is packed with plastics; in other cases, our rollers are packed in standard wooden box or per your specific requirements.

The shipping time various according to the quantity of your order, it varies from 5 to 30 working days or per your demands.

Huayun Advantages:

Baoding Huayun is equipped with the most advanced machinery. The staff there uses strict quality control methods to guarantee the wonderful quality of all our products, not only the conveyor rollers. We have established an excellent service team, and the team has years of international trading experience. The manufacturing department uses high quality materials to produce the best products from the very beginning. Our company has passed the certification of BV, in addition to the fine technique we adopt, we can continuously bring new products to the market.

Company Information:

Baoding Huayun Conveyor Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in manufacturing and trading of conveyor roller, conveyor belt, conveyor pulley, conveyor idler bracket and other related products. Our products are widely applied in the field of mine, port, electrical power, metallurgy and construction materials. The team of Huayun has years of experience in the industry and understands the needs of the customers. Supported by our strong technical ability and effective management, Huayun keeps improving the performance of all our products. Our products have passed both national and international standards, as well as strict quality control procedures.


1. What is the business of your company?

The company Baoding Huayun is specializing in designing and manufacturing of conveyor roller, conveyor pulley, conveyor idler, conveyor idler bracket and conveyor. Our company has dedicated to the industry for 16 years.

2. What is the advantage of Huayun compared to other companies in the industry?

Since the R&D team and manufacturing team all possesses years of experience, Huayun can provide superior service to our customers across the globe. We wholesale the products at very competitive price.

3. What is the price policy of your company?

In our company, the price is different according to the quantity of your order, the more the cheaper. For more detailed information, you can contact our customer service representatives. The professional team will offer you 24/7 service.

4. What are the features of the services your company offered?

Based on the wide range of our products, Huanyun can offer first-class one-stop sourcing service. It will improve your efficiency significantly and be more economical. Since we generally ship products in large quantity, the cost of the freight can be lowered and this benefits our customers a lot. Huayun can also provide overseas installation service for our large-scale belt conveyor to our customers.

5. What are the trade terms of your company?

Huayun accepts the payment of T/T and L/C, and the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) of conveyor rollers is 50 pieces.

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