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Working Principle of Accumulative And Releasing Roller Conveyor

Nov. 09, 2019

Accumulative and releasing roller conveyor is a kind of commonly used conveying system, it has the characteristics of general conveyor, at the same time, it has the characteristics of accumulative and releasing conveyor, simple manufacturing, lower cost than other types of integrating and releasing conveyor, so it is widely used in various conveying occasions. The conveyor roller manufacturer gives you an introduction.

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1. Accumulation roller type:

In order to achieve the accumulation function, a stacking roller is specially provided for conveying the product. What is an accumulation roller? The difference between an accumulation roller and a normal roller is the way the drive gear is connected to the drum body itself. The ordinary roller is a fixed connection, and the accumulation roller is a movable connection. When the cargo is accumulated, the sprocket rotates, and the roller body itself does not rotate. The roller and the sprocket of the ordinary drum are fixed and integrated, so they are rotated together. Since the accumulation roller does not rotate, the accumulation effect is achieved.

2. Multi-section multi-motor drive:

It is also possible to adopt a multi-section multi-motor drive method to achieve the accumulation effect. When the assembly is required at a certain station, the workpiece conveyance stops, as long as the drive motor is turned off. If the workpiece weight is not heavy, the assembly station can also use the non-power conveyor roller, manually push from the power section to the non-power section assembly, so as to achieve the accumulative effect, but the assembly station needs to be fixed. The advantage of the multi-motor drive of the whole line is that it can be accumulated in any station segment. The disadvantage is that the cost is high, and the motor life of the over-frequency start motor is short.

3. Block accumulation:

The working principle of the block accumulation is similar to the double-speed chain accumulation. When it is necessary to assemble or need to stop the conveying member, just press the solenoid valve of the corresponding station. Under the action of the gear cylinder, the block blocks the workpiece, and the work is completed. Down the block, the workpiece is released, and the accumulation effect can be achieved. Generally, the shape of the workpiece is regular, and the parts to achieve sliding friction with the roller should be smooth, which is generally used for the light-weight conveyor.

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