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Introduction and Uses of Wire Rope Conveyors

Feb. 29, 2020

Steel wire conveyor belts are generally used in high-strength production enterprises, such as chemical and steel industries. So what are the uses and significant features of steel wire conveyor belts, Let's get to know it with belt conveyor series exporter together.

First, use a steel wire core conveyor belt, suitable for high-strength, long-distance, large-volume occasions to transport materials. In special cases, high-intensity, short-distance conveying materials are also used.

Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt


1. High tensile strength, used for conveying materials over long spans and long distances.

2, the use of elongation is small, the required tightening stroke is short.

3. The diameter of the transmission roller is small, and the belt core is made of a layer of steel wire rope arranged vertically, which is resistant to bending fatigue. Therefore, it can be equipped with a roller with a small diameter, and the equipment is compact.

4. The rubber is well bonded to the steel wire rope. The surface of the steel wire rope is galvanized. At the same time, the rubber material with excellent adhesion properties to the steel wire rope is bonded to the steel wire rope.

5. Uniform tension of the wire rope: Due to the advanced manufacturing technology, the wire rope is evenly arranged, the tension is consistent, the operation is balanced, and it is not easy to run off.

6. Good trough forming performance: the core with no transverse skeleton is easy to form deep troughs, multi-shaped materials, and prevents scattering.

7, X-ray inspection available: skeleton wire rope on the conveyor, X-ray inspection can be used to prevent accidents.

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