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Precautions for use of high-temperature Rubber Coated Roller

Sep. 11, 2019

Conveyor Roller Factory has done a lot of work on the use of the high-temperature Rubber Coated Roller. I hope that it will help you.

First, packaging: After the rubber Coated Roller is polished, the surface is anti-fouling treatment, wrapped with plastic film and then wrapped in a blanket. In the case of long-distance transportation, it is also required to be packed in wooden cases.

Second, transportation: Regardless of the old and new Rubber Coated Roller, in the course of transportation, it is strictly prohibited to press, drop, smash, touch the acute angle. In order to prevent damage to the rubber surface, the shaft core and the bearing position are deformed.

Third, storage: should be stored in the air-dried room, room temperature. Leave a heat source. Do not touch aggressive objects. It is forbidden to re-press the rubber surface, the bearing surface should avoid the working surface as much as possible, or rotate the pressure roller surface in time. If the rubber surface is pressed in one direction for a long time, a slight deformation will occur.

Fourth, the installation:

1. Carefully clean the burrs, oil, etc. at the installation location before installation. Check if the shaft is bent and deformed, and install the bearing accurately to ensure that the rotating force shaft core is the same as the rubber surface.

2. The Rubber Coated Roller axis must be parallel to the sleeve or the core of the aluminum coil and steel sleeve.

Custom Rubber Coating Roller

Custom Rubber Coating Roller

Fifth, the use of the charter:

1. The new Custom Rubber Coating Roller must be stored for one month after arrival. This is the maturity period and can be used after expiration.

2. Before using the new Custom Rubber Coating Roller, check whether the rubber surface is pressed, bumped or deformed.

3. For the first time use, first gently press for 10-15 minutes, this is the running-in period. This is extremely important. After the expiration, the pressure is gradually accelerated. The best results are achieved until full load. It is absolutely forbidden to operate illegally! Taboo cold and sudden heat!

After using the Sixth and Custom Rubber Coating Roller for a period of time, the surface will be scratched due to the rubberized surface, the edge of the belt, etc. In this case, if it is slightly, it can be used after grinding the surface. If the rubber surface has been damaged, replace the Custom Rubber Coating Roller.

Friendly reminder: Some Custom Rubber Coating Rollers, due to insufficient strength, will cause cracks during use. If you continue to use it, it will cause blocky caving. When rotating at high speed, it can fly out in large pieces and is extremely unsafe. Should be checked frequently, once found, need to be replaced in time.

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