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Basic Knowledge of Roller Conveyor

Jan. 21, 2020

Explained from the name, the roller conveyor is composed of a single roller, but the name of the article is different in each area, which causes the name of the roller conveyor to be different; the roller conveyors are used a lot in the production field. In recent years, with the growth of logistics and freight, roller conveyor and roller conveyor in the logistics market is also growing, especially the development of storage, more and more inspired the improvement of mechanical processing technology of roller conveyor and roller conveyor. Conveyor Roller manufacturer shares with you.

Roller conveyors and roller conveyors are often used for horizontal or upward inclined conveyor lines. The driving unit transmits power to the roller for rotation and conveys the article by friction between the surface of the roller and the surface of the article to be conveyed. According to the driving method, there are individual driving and group driving. Each front roller is equipped with a separate driver for easy removal. The latter is a set of rollers driven by a drive to reduce equipment costs. Power roller conveyors are usually driven by AC motors and can be driven by two-speed motors and hydraulic motors as needed.

Steel Gravity Roller

Roller conveyor and roller conveyor structure: According to the driving mode, it can be divided into a powerful drum line and an unpowered drum line. According to the layout form, it can be divided into horizontal conveying roller lines, inclined to convey roller lines and to turn roller lines. Standard specifications of drum wire width are 200-300-400-500-1200mm, etc. The standard radius of the drumline is 600--900-1200mm. The diameter of the drum used for the straight tube is 38-50-60-76-89mm and the like.

Roller conveyor and roller conveyor material selection: carbon steel zinc plating, carbon steel chrome plating, carbon steel rubber, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, ABS, etc. Drum type selection: unpowered roller, single-chain roller, double chain roller, with the roller, tapered roller, grooved roller.

Wheel fixing method: coaxial spring type, coaxial inner shaft type, machined turning built-in type.

Roller conveyor and roller conveyor according to process flow: rolling rod, calender, casting roll, etc.

Roller conveyors and roller conveyors are based on functional applications: heating rollers, cooling rollers, take-off rollers, rollers, etc. Depending on the structure, there are seamless steel tube rollers, forging and centrifugal casting rollers.

Roller conveyors and roller conveyors are divided into heavy-duty roller production lines, light-duty roller production lines, linear roller production lines, and polyurethane and rubber-coated rollers according to actual requirements. They are suitable for products with scratch-proof surfaces. The purpose is to prevent the surface of the article from being scratched when the article is in contact with the roller.

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