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 What Are The Characteristics Of The Conveyor Roller?

Jan. 13, 2020

With the application of conveyor rollers in various economic fields in China, today's production enterprises generally choose to use food line equipment to improve production operations. The conveyor roller can also develop, design and manufacture the food line accessories equipment according to the needs of the production of automated production materials and the different needs of logistics transportation. Conveyor Roller manufacturer shares with you.

Conveying rollers are easy to connect and filter. Multiple roller lines and other food line equipment or special machines can be used to form a complex logistics conveying system to complete various process needs. At the same time, the accumulation and delivery of the material can also be realized by the accumulation roller. It is more suitable for the transportation of various types of boxes, bags, trays, etc. Bulk materials, small items or irregular, flat bottom parts need to be placed on the pallet or in the turnover box for transportation. Materials, or withstand large impact loads, the roller conveyor has a simple structure, high reliability, and easy use and maintenance.

Steel Conveyor Roller

The design structure of the conveying roller is simple, and the safety and reliability of use and operation are relatively high. It is also very convenient to use and maintain daily production operations. The conveying roller is mainly composed of a roller, a frame, support, and a driving part. The roller is a conveying roller machine that relies on the friction between the rotating roller and the item to move the item forward.

的 The driving forms of the conveyor rollers according to the assembly line can be divided into power conveyor rollers, non-power conveyor rollers, and electric conveyor rollers. Cry according to the layout form for horizontal conveyance, inclined conveyance and turn conveyance. In the power conveying roller, the driving roller driving method usually does not adopt a separate driving method, but most of them are driven by a combination of a motor and a reducer. After being driven by the chainplate transmission and the food line conveyor Drive the rotation of the conveying roller.

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