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How To Transform The Belt Turning Failure

Jan. 08, 2020

During the use of the conveyor belt, the phenomenon of belt turning may occur. This directly leads to the inability to use normally and even tear the conveyor belt directly. On the one hand, it is necessary to perform routine maintenance during the use process and stop the problem in time to solve the problem. On the other hand, we must also do a good job to prevent the conveyor belt from turning over. The following Gravity Conveyor factory China takes everyone to understand in detail the transformation measures to prevent the conveyor belt from turning over.

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1. The tail guide groove is installed with a current limiting plate

Instantaneous flow is not more than 300t / h is a necessary condition for the normal operation of the tube belt machine. In the analysis of the above reasons, it is said that the instantaneous flow rate may reach 400t / h, which is an important reason for expanding the pipe and possibly causing the belt to turn over. To avoid instantaneous large flow of coal entering the pipe belt machine, in addition to strengthening coordination and supervision, it is positive to make necessary improvements. To this end, a restrictor plate is installed at the tail guide trough exit. The flow area of the current limiting plate needs to be determined through multiple tests. If it is small, it will affect the normal transportation; if it is large, it will lose the role of current limiting. After installing the restrictor, a major hidden danger was eliminated and the desired effect was achieved.

2. Adjust the guide pinch roller angle and add a group of pinch rollers

In order to ensure the reliability of the guide pressure belt, two sets of guide pressure belt wheels are set before the forming of the belt tube. The tilt angle of the front and rear sets of pressure belt wheels should not be the same, but there should be a gradient. The tilt Angle near the tail drum should be larger, and the tilt angle of the other set should be smaller. The specific tilt Angle should be determined according to the site, the principle is to ensure that the groove tape is a very smooth transition to the circle. In order to prevent accidents (such as a set of pressure belt pulley suddenly damaged or fixed bolt loosens and cannot effectively press the edge of the belt), a set of pressure belt pulley is added on the side near the tail drum. This increase costs little, but the reliability of the guide belt is nearly 100%.

3. Extend the expanded section

For a pipe belt machine with a diameter of 250mm, the usual design requires that the length of the unrolled section should not be less than 6.25 meters, and the unrolled section on site is actually about 7 meters. For the normal position of the overlap, such a length of expansion section should be enough, but it is impossible and unrealistic to keep the overlap always in the ideal position. Once the circular tube is twisted excessively, the stacking mouth will deviate far from the ideal position. Due to the short deployment section and insufficient cushioning, the circular tube tape enters the transmission roller before it is unfolded, causing the belt to turn over. Properly extending the length of the unfolding section is conducive to the stable operation of the pipe belt machine when the site position allows it. According to the actual situation at the scene, some PSK idler roller groups were changed to grooved idler roller groups, and the groove angle gradually changed from 60, 45, 30, 20, and 10. In order to ensure the unrolling of the round pipe tape, an unrolling pinch roller is added near the 30 groove corner.

The above is the introduction of the transformation measures to prevent the conveyor belt from turning over. I hope it will help you. The failure of the conveyor belt affects the normal operation of the entire conveyor line. When using the belt turning phenomenon, you should find the correct cause and then solve it reasonably. In order to ensure that the conveyor belt is reduced or eliminated in daily use. Our company provides high strength transportation Conveyor Belt.

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