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 What Are The Factors That Affect The Stable Operation Of The Conveyor?

Dec. 31, 2019

Conveyor roller is the most important part of the conveyor. The quality of the conveyor roller directly affects the normal operation of the conveyor. The conveyor roller factory will analyze the factors that affect the operation of the rollers.

1.Conveying/rotating resistance and energy saving

The rotation resistance coefficient of the conveying roller varies with the diameter of the idler and the bearing diameter. Generally, the rotation resistance coefficient of the conveying roller is below 0.01. Considering other conditions existing in the operation of the conveyor, when calculating the power of the belt conveyor using an NC idler, its simulated friction coefficient can be less than 0.02, while when using other general idlers, the simulated friction coefficient should be 0.022 ~ 0.030.

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2.Lubrication characteristics of conveying concrete

Permanently lubricated conveyors: Double-sided sealed deep groove ball bearings (ZZ protection).

3. Stability of conveying concrete

The radial runout of the conveyor belt directly affects the stability of the conveyor belt during transportation.

4. The service life of conveying concrete

① Axial series momentum ② Flexibility ③ Waterproof performance ④ Dust-proof performance ⑤ Axial load carrying capacity ⑥ Impact resistance ⑦ Rotation resistance

The deviation of the conveyor belt is very common in the use process, but the reasons for the deviation of the conveyor belt are various and should be analyzed and adjusted according to the actual situation.

The spiral idler is a spiral groove cast rubber sleeve on the outer surface of the parallel idler. The thrust to the center of the belt, at this time the central forces are not equal, and the two forces cause the conveyor belt to reset.

Due to the difference in diameter between the center and the outside of the cone idler, the resistance difference between the inside and outside is formed. When the idler deviates, the belt is more distributed on the deviated side of the cone idler, which is subject to great resistance.

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