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Introduction To The Performance Characteristics Of Rubber Ring Conveyor Rollers

Dec. 26, 2019

The rubber rings conveyor roller is used to slow down the impact of blanking on the conveyor belt at the receiving place of the belt conveyor to extend the service life of the conveyor belt.

Rubber ring conveyor rollers are mainly used in coal mines, metallurgical mines, electric power, steel, waterways, building materials, grain storage, chemicals, electronic ports, docks, cement plants, papermaking, sugar factories, and other industrial industries. The developed type of transporting concrete has inherently more than ten times the toughness of ordinary metals and has a lifespan five times that of traditional conveying concrete. It is resistant to impact, flame retardant, antistatic, and has a low weight. It is widely used in mining. The roller body is made of special steel pipe for conveying rollers, which has good abrasion resistance and good self-lubricating performance without hurting the belt.

In terms of installation, the conveyer 一 is to improve the installation density; the second is to check frequently and replace the damaged idler rollers in time. It is recommended to install a buffer airlock for a conveyor belt with a large drop in material fall and replace the buffer roller with a buffer bed. In terms of purchasing, according to the characteristics of the buffer roller, the following points should be mentioned: the radial runout of the conveying roller, the flexibility of the conveying roller, the amount of axial movement, the dustproof performance of the conveying roller, the waterproof performance, the axial bearing performance of the conveying roller, and the convey Roller impact resistance.

Rubber Rings Conveyor Roller

(1) Buffer roller temperature protection

When the temperature between the belt conveyor roller and the belt exceeds the limit, the detection device installed next to the roller sends an over-temperature signal. After the receiver receives the signal, after 3s delay, the execution part moves and the motor power is cut off. Stops to protect the temperature.

(2) Speed protection of conveying roller group

If the conveyor fails, such as the motor burned, the mechanical transmission part is damaged, the belt or chain is broken, the belt slips, etc., the magnetic switch in the accident sensor SG installed on the conveyor is not closed or cannot be closed at normal speed. At this time, the control system will delay the circuit according to the inverse time characteristic, and the speed protection circuit will work to make the execution part move and cut off the power supply to the motor to avoid the accident from expanding.

(3) Coal level protection of buffer roll coal bunker

There are two coal level electrodes in the coal bunker. When the coal bunker can not put coal because there is no empty car, the coal level will gradually rise. When the coal level rises to the high electrode, the coal level protection action starts from the first belt conveyor. Each conveyor stopped in turn because of coal piled at the tail.

Rubber ring buffer rollers generally have a service life of more than 30,000 hours and are dustproof and small, and flexible in operation.

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