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How To Care For And Maintain Roller Conveyors

Dec. 19, 2019

With the development of industry, more and more roller conveyors are used. Because of the simple structure and convenient use of roller conveyors, they are widely used. Then the operator of the roller conveyor must pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the roller conveyor in daily work! Roller conveyor lubrication is particularly important. Drive pulley manufacturer China shares with you.

Here are seven ways to maintain and maintain the roller conveyor to keep the roller conveyor lubricated.

1. After running for a certain period of time, check the temperature change of the lubricating part of the roller bearing. The temperature of the bearing and the shaft must be kept within a reasonable range.

2. Observe whether the roller conveyor moves smoothly on the roller conveyor with uniform speed; each cylinder is operated, the crotch area of the cargo is stable, and the product and transfer operation are accurate enough; because the neutrons do not collide, rolling in the cargo should avoid damage. 

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3. With pressure or driving screw and the nut should be lubricated with oil regularly, the common driving screw and nut should be sealed with oil seal.

4. The residue on the surface of the roller should be wiped regularly and checked and kept clean frequently.

5. After using the roller conveyor, regularly refuel the roller bearings and refuel the transmission chain. Lubrication operators must make inspections on time, pay attention to abnormal changes in oil leakage and lubrication points, and detect problems early.

6. For the lubrication point of automatic oil injection, the oil pressure, oil level, oil temperature and oil delivery volume of the oil pump should be checked frequently to find problems in time. 

For rollers, check whether the front roller conveyor runs flexibly; the surface-loading rollers are located in the same plane; the drive-connected driving rollers are reliable, and the drive chain or belt is worn; the buttons and indicators of the electronically controlled drive device of each switch work normally.

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