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What Are The Causes Of Fire In The Use Of Mine Conveyor Belt?

Dec. 03, 2019

Mining conveyor belts sometimes catch fire during use. This situation is caused by friction between the conveyor belt and the minerals. The following Conveyor Belt Wholesale China lets you know the reasons for conveyor belt fires in detail.

The fire caused by roller slipping

1. The rubber or wood lining covered on the transmission drum is seriously worn, which reduces the friction coefficient and causes the conveyor belt to slip.

2. The wet surface of the transmission drum causes the conveyor belt to slip, such as the water coal.

3. The coal buried in the machine head causes the coal to enter between the roller surface and the conveying, which reduces the friction coefficient and causes the conveyor belt to slip.

4. The tension of the tension device is not enough, which causes the traction to drop and the conveyor belt to slip.

5. If the bearing of the driven drum is damaged and jammed, the speed of the driven drum will decrease or will not rotate, which will cause the conveyor belt to slip relative to the drum.

Coal Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Whether the driving drum or driven drum, as long as the occurrence of the skidding phenomenon, the surface temperature of the drum will rise rapidly. According to statistics, the conveyor belt skidded for about 40min, and when the surface temperature of the drum reached about 320℃, the conveyor belt would start to emit smoke. 320℃ is already the critical temperature for ignition. Therefore, the roller skidding is very harmful, long time skidding can lead to the conveyor belt fire, thus causing safety accidents.

Preventive measure

Daily inspection, shorten the storage time, pay attention to the regular inspection of high temperature, corrosion, moisture-proof, etc.

During the inspection of conveyor, the rollers shall rotate flexibly, the fasteners shall be firm and the bearings shall be well lubricated; the body idler shall be complete and rotate flexibly; the H frame and beam frame shall be stable and free from skew; the tensioning device shall be complete and appropriate, and the conveyor belt shall not slip; the cleaning device shall work well, especially the cleaning device at the unloading roller and tail roller, so that the cleaned conveyor belt surface shall be free from floating Coal, sundries, etc.

The conveyor shall be equipped with temperature, speed, smoke, coal stacking and other protective devices, which shall be sensitive and reliable, so as to stop the machine in time in case of problems and narrow the accident scope.

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