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Classification And Application Of Conveyor Roller

Nov. 16, 2019

The conveyor roller manufacturer introduces you to the classification and application of conveyor rollers.

Natural rubber roller:

Excellent elasticity and mechanical strength, better alkali resistance, used in compression rubber rollers in textile, papermaking leather, packaging and other equipment, and traction rubber rollers in metallurgy and mining industries.

Nitrile rubber roller:

Excellent oil resistance, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, heat resistance is also good, used in printing, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, paper, packaging, plastic processing equipment and other contact with oil and aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent occasions.

 Aluminium Gravity Roller

Neoprene roller:

Excellent wear resistance, high fire resistance, aging resistance, good heat resistance, oil resistance and acid and alkaline resistance, used for printing board corrosion machine, plastic, leather, printing, food printing iron, common coater and other equipment.

Butyl rubber roller:

High chemical solvent resistance, good heat resistance (170℃), excellent acid and alkali resistance, suitable for color printing machinery, leather machinery, coating equipment, etc.

Ethylene-acrylic rubber roller:

Excellent ozone aging resistance, weather resistance, wide temperature range, long-term operation from -65 ° C to 140 ° C, excellent insulation performance, used in plastic printing machinery, tanning machinery, general field.

Polyurethane rubber roller:

It has very high mechanical strength and wears resistance, aging resistance and oil resistance. It is also used in papermaking, chemical fiber, wood processing, plastic processing and other machinery.

Silicone rubber roller:

It has high-temperature resistance, ozone resistance, chemical inertness and non-adhesion to plastics. It is used to process hot-adhesive products such as polyethylene calendering, embossing, printing and dyeing of film and fabric, plastic compound, corona. Processing and other machinery, as well as the production of release rolls and nonwovens on sugar production and packaging machines.

Fluoro rubber roller:

It has excellent heat resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, gas permeability resistance, electrical insulation resistance, aging resistance, flame resistance and wear resistance. It is also used for special coating equipment.

Carbon fiber roller:

Lightweight, high strength and high-temperature resistance. Used in special industries such as wide film.

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