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Classification of Roller Conveyor

May. 20, 2020

One of the commonly used conveyor equipment in the production of roller conveyors has developed rapidly in recent years, especially the rise of intelligent manufacturing, which makes roller conveyors exceed belt conveyors. In daily design applications, some manufacturers often focus on roller conveyors. The classification is not very clear, today the conveyor roller factory tells you about its classification.

The roller conveyor is mainly composed of a single roller and other equipment. First of all, we will know the material of the roller. The roller is centered on a circle. The materials currently used are iron, aluminum, stainless steel, ABS and other materials Small, mostly made of iron or stainless steel, after cutting, grinding, welding, pressing and other processes, the surface is galvanized and processed into rollers.

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Because the roller conveyor is custom-made, the length of the roller is confirmed before purchase. The roller is distinguished without sprocket, single sprocket and double sprocket, and is customized according to the production task; the roller and roller are introduced above The conveyor is assembled by rollers, and it is also customized according to the production task. The density of the roller is increased or decreased according to the carrying weight of the conveyed items. In general, the classification of the roller conveyor is roughly divided by iron and stainless steel. The production task Distinguish between ordinary and intelligent type, there is no power roller conveyor on the transmission, single sprocket transmission roller conveyor, double sprocket transmission roller conveyor, in general, the roller conveyor is also with the development of materials and machining The development of technology is constantly updated.

Power roller conveyor is the most commonly used conveyor equipment. With the popularity of robots, especially the packaging industry, loading, and unloading trucks, etc., a large number of roller conveyors are needed to assist production; power roller conveyors are basically mainly It consists of roller frame, double-chain roller, sprocket, chain, transmission device, frequency converter, plc control system, drive device, etc.

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