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History and Structure Type of "Roller Conveyor" 2

May. 19, 2020

The conveyor roller is constructed by installing bearings on both ends of the cutting tube. The form of conveying, conveyor roller can be divided into straight and tapered for linear roller conveyors, as well as the type of conveyor roller rotating cone. Depending on the application, the roller can be made of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, or other materials.

Roller conveyors are divided into two categories based on bearing capacity in the conveying structure: gravity roller conveyor: (drive) and light roller conveyor (drive).

Gravity roller conveyor is a machine that continuously transports goods by its own weight. Strictly speaking, when the conveyor is tilted, it uses its own weight to carry items with it, while conveying items that are horizontal, not moving by gravity but by labor or other external forces.

Conveyor Roller

The application of light roller conveyors is wider than that of heavy roller conveyors, with simple structure, low maintenance cost, low cost, and easy design changes. But there are also the following problems:

(1) Since the articles move by their own weight on the inclined conveyor, the longer the conveyor, the faster the moving speed when accelerating;

(2) The moving speed of heavy objects is fast, and the moving speed of light objects is slow or not moving. When light and heavy items are transported at the same time when the weight difference is large, the object will collide due to the difference in moving speed, resulting in damage to the work in progress or leaving the roller table;

(3) Since cardboard easily absorbs moisture and moisture, even if the angle of the conveyor is inclined, it will appear due to changes in humidity during the rainy season or the dry season.

The problem of stopping when the product moves. The design inclination of the gravity conveyor is expressed by the slope of the automatic movement, and its value slightly changes according to the temperature and humidity of the moving object and the outside temperature and humidity. Therefore, it is difficult to obtain the correct value.

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