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History and Structure Type of "Roller Conveyor" 1

May. 18, 2020

Roller conveyor has a long history. When the Egyptians built the pyramid, they began to use their rotation principle to move the marble. The history of roller transportation in China is recorded in the mining of Yangshan tablet material. At the time, after the tablet material was mined, it was conceived to use rollers to move the tablet material to achieve the purpose of migrating the tablet material; the history of roller transportation in industrial use has occurred In the 19th century, the American automobile industry introduced automation. As a commonly used conveyor equipment, belt conveyor and chain conveyor, roller conveyor has entered the production field; it is used as an automated production line for mining port terminals. With the construction of the logistics center as an automated labor-saving transportation system, a large number of conveyors have been put into use.

Roller Conveyor

Generally, roller conveyors are handling machines that can continuously transport items. The conveyor can be defined as: or higher structure, as a supporting surface, which conveys the machine that moves the goods to be transported. The roller conveyor industry in foreign countries defines the conveyor as loading from a certain place or any download site is conservative, most commodities, such as bulk, no water and vertical tilting conveyor mechanical equipment. There are two points from the point of loading to the point of unloading: the machine that transports the goods according to the established route. The most notable feature of the conveyor is the correct processing and processing time within a certain interval.

There are many types of roller conveyors, and the classification methods are also different. For example, the driving method can be divided into two categories: no power unit and power unit. It can also be distinguished by the transmission method of the structure.

Roller conveyors are also called roller conveyors or roller conveyor lines. Both ends of the shaft passing through the centerline of the rollers are fastened to the brackets on the left and right sides, and a plurality of fixed rollers are arranged at regular intervals to constitute a roller conveyor.

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