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Trouble Shooting Method of Roller Conveyor Motor

May. 16, 2020

The roller conveyor is one of the main conveying equipment in the conveying equipment. Although the structure is simpler than other conveying equipment, the maintenance of the roller conveyor is necessary for daily use. The daily maintenance and solution of the roller conveyor are to extend the life of the machine. Without delaying daily production and causing losses, the roller conveyor is divided into power-driven and non-powered transmission (pushing by external force or self-sliding). The power roller machine can adapt to the engineering rolling requirements of goods of different specifications, and provides goods transportation safely, smoothly and quickly. Our company provides a conveyor bracket.

Conveyor Bracket

The most common failure of roller conveyors is motor problems. The engine is the core of all mechanical equipment. A little carelessness can make the roller conveyor difficult to operate normally. On the other hand, the fact that it is not handled is. It is necessary to carry out regular maintenance to extend the service life of the roller conveyor and provide better economic benefits for the production company. During operation, the most common failure of the roller conveyor is that the motor cannot start or decelerate immediately after a normal start. In general, there are four reasons:

(1) It may be caused by line failure. Solution: Check the roller conveyor line for the first time;

(2) It may also be caused by a voltage drop. Solution: Check the voltage of the roller conveyor to ensure normal;

(3) The contactor of the roller conveyor may also malfunction. Solution: At this time, it is necessary to check whether the overloaded equipment is replaced in time;

(4) Another possibility is that the roller conveyor runs continuously for a short period of time. Solution: At this time, we only need to reduce the number of operations to make the roller conveyor start normally.

The above briefly introduces the solution of the motor faults in the daily production of the roller conveyor. The first-line production usually accumulates the fault solutions of the equipment in peacetime to better ensure the operation of the equipment.

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