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What Are the Common Causes of Damage to Conveyor Equipment?

Jun. 29, 2020

The repair of the logistics transportation equipment is aimed at repairing which parts of the conveyor are easy to be damaged and the transportation equipment cannot work normally. Belt conveyor series exporter shares with you.

The repair of the equipment is different from the maintenance of the conveying equipment. The main purpose of the repair is to repair and replace the worn or corroded parts, restore the conveying equipment to its technical performance and performance, and ensure its normal function. Repairs that are due to physical wear and tear are called normal repairs; repairs for incidental damage are called abnormal repairs. Repair is an effective measure to restore the function of logistics equipment, it is partial compensation for tangible wear, and it is also an important part of logistics equipment management. During the use of the machine, its parts will gradually produce wear, deformation, fracture, erosion, and other phenomena, known as physical wear.

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Due to the different materials and work of the parts, different levels of tangible wear occur within a certain period of time, which gradually deteriorates the technical status of the machinery and can not work normally, causing downtime and even failures, resulting in mechanical accidents. Therefore, in order to maintain the normal operation of the machinery, it is necessary to replace or repair the worn-out parts according to the changing law of the mechanical technology status, and disassemble and adjust the whole machine or part, and restore the technical performance of the mechanical operation, and then must be repaired. Therefore, the repair is an important measure for the machinery to maintain its normal technical status within a certain period of time, and an important means for enterprises to maintain production.

The maintenance and repair of conveying equipment cannot be called each other, and it is the relationship between "prevention" and "treatment". If the machinery cannot be repaired in time, the parts and components of the machinery will be used to accelerate wear or suffer unexpected damage, increasing the maintenance workload. Do a good job of maintenance, eliminate hidden dangers in time, and eliminate mechanical accidents before they occur, so as to prevent accidents before they happen. However, maintenance can not eliminate the wear of machinery. When the wear reaches a certain level, it must be repaired in time to restore the efficiency of the machine. In addition, in the maintenance and repair of logistics equipment, it is also necessary to formulate technical measures for safe operation to ensure the safety of persons and machinery.

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