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What Is the Difference between a Conveyor Belt and a Drive Belt?

Feb. 29, 2020

Fabric Conveyor Belt factory shares with you.

First, the transmission belt

Transmission belts assist the machine's operation. Common transmission belts: V-belts, timing belts (toothed belts, baffle belts, timing belts), flat belts (film base belts, folder gluing belts), high-speed oil-proof belts, and agricultural machinery. Belts, round belts, flat belts, wide-angle belts, transmission belts, motorcycle transmission belts, V-belts, hexagonal belts, parallel triangle belts (joint belts), multi-groove belts, flexible belts, traction belts, automotive belts

Application industry: agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, textile machinery, tobacco machine, paper industry, packaging machine, ceramic tile, cement tile, floor tile, printing machine, wooden products, newspaper machine, printing machine, etc.

Conveyor Belt

Second, the conveyor belt

Conveyor belts are also called conveyor belts, which are mainly used to transport materials. Transportation of powdery, solid block materials, common conveyor belts: PVC conveyor belt, PU conveyor belt, logistics conveyor belt, rubber conveyor belt, felt conveyor belt, silicone conveyor belt, magnetic conveyor belt, Teflon conveyor belt, Nylon conveyor belt and so on.

Application industries: electronics and electrical industry, logistics industry, coal industry, ore industry, airport luggage, raw materials industry, food industry, paper industry, home appliance industry, pharmaceutical industry, machinery industry, food industry, the tobacco industry, etc.

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