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Factors Affecting Impact Resistance of Steel Cord Conveyor Belt(Part 1)

Jul. 30, 2020

At present, steel cord conveyor belts have been widely used in coal mines, mines, ports, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, and other working conditions industries. They are mainly used to convey materials that require tear resistance. They have high tensile strength, long life, It can be used for long-distance, long-span, long-distance, and high-speed material transportation, but it will also be damaged and hit by heavy blows during use. Failures such as wear, longitudinal tearing, or tearing can cause serious economic losses. Therefore, the steel cord conveyor belt manufacturer specially conducts an impact process test to analyze the factors affecting the impact strength of the tear-resistant rubber belt. It can be used for production. Provide a strong basis for improving the impact resistance of rubber conveyor belt products.

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

The main indicators for measuring the performance of steel wire belts: mainly include rated tensile strength, wear resistance, tear strength, impact strength, etc. For steel core conveyor belts, the main longitudinal tensile load is steel wire rope, and different rated tensile strength For tensile strength, steel wire rope cores of different diameters and structures need to be selected. There are many factors that affect the tear strength and impact strength of the belt, such as the diameter and spacing of the horizontal wire ropes, the performance of the covering rubber, the thickness and the spacing of the longitudinal wire rope cores.

According to the analysis of the test results, the relationship between each group of impact energy and impact force is: when the impact energy is less than one kilojoule, the function curve is very regular, almost a straight line. When the impact energy exceeds one kilojoule, the impact There is no obvious law between force and impact energy, and it is difficult to determine the relationship between impact force and impact energy. However, it can be seen from the several sets of curves drawn that the general trend of impact force increasing with energy increase has not changed. It is different from other types of tests. The results are consistent, so the impact energy of the steel cord conveyor belt can be indirectly characterized by measuring the impact of energy.

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