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Welding Process of Rollers on Roller Conveyor and Attention to Use

May. 21, 2020

The reliable physical performance of the roller conveyor and the long-term throughput make the roller conveyor active in various fields of manufacturing and production and processing. Roller conveyor can also do uphill transportation, on the one hand, it can improve the roller conveyor space planning, on the other hand, it can maintain the improvement of production factors. The roller conveyor can also be composed of two rollers to reduce the working pressure of the load and the actual operating pressure of the roller conveyor. Our company provides steel conveyor roller.

For the welding process of the roller conveyor, CO2 and Ar mixture are generally used to maintain the internal lap welding, followed by the welding process of fully automatic electric welding with submerged arc welding.

Steel Conveyor Roller

Hybrid gas maintenance welding can get rid of the defects of CO2 vapor maintenance welding and ensure the quality of electric welding. When welding, put the roller on the roller frame to rotate, the speed ratio can be controlled. In the actual operation of the internal welding, the welder selects the welding method of single-sided welding and double-sided welding to ensure that the welding root can be penetrated without welding defects. Other layers of welding can be fixed in the welder or submerged arc welding machine head in the upper level of the drum welding, the use of drum rotation to maintain welding automation technology.

The roller conveyor can be divided into small hoist drums, driving force drum and electric type drum from the driving mode, and can be divided into horizontal transportation, skew transportation and turning transportation according to the reasonable layout mode. The actual operation standard of the roller conveyor is a matter that many manufacturing enterprises attach importance to, which concerns the roller conveyor's transportation efficiency and service life. Under the belt, you master the actual operating standards of the roller conveyor.

At first, the operation of the roller conveyor in the natural environment is limited, such as the temperature, the raw materials to be transported on the roller conveyor shall not be higher than 50 ℃ or less than minus 10 ℃. In the drum conveyor unit of the complex transport system software, in the middle of the transport of raw materials need to carry out full load start, until all normal operation side can be carried out feeding.

Second, the roller conveyor shall not be transported within the raw materials with acid and alkali degree of oil and solvent components fixed stationary roller conveyor shall be installed in accordance with the requirements of the program in the basic fixed stationary installation, the mobile conveyor shall be declared to operate before the wheel with a triangle wedge or brake system brake.

If the roller conveyor has in the operation of the belt direction deviation of the state, the actual operator should park the car to carry out the adjustment, can not make do with the application, in order to avoid causing the roller conveyor damage and lifting the load of industrial equipment.

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