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What Are the Scopes of Roller Conveyor Material Selection?

May. 23, 2020

Roller conveyors are currently one of the most used equipment in conveying equipment and are an integral part of the automated conveyor industry. Because they are mechanical equipment, non-professionals also lack knowledge of roller conveyors before purchasing.

Today, the conveyor roller manufacturer will talk about the material of the roller conveyor to let everyone know some common sense.

With the development of materials, there are many kinds of materials that can be used to make rollers at present, mainly seamless steel tubes, round welded steel tubes, stainless steel round tubes, ab plastics, aluminum alloys, and other materials. The shaft of the rollers has cold drawn steel and stainless steel Optical axis, etc., because there is no standard for welded pipe for the roundness of seamless steel pipe, most of the processing of rollers use the welded pipe as the main, secondly, the price of welded pipe is cheaper than seamless pipe; most of the main shaft choose cold drawn steel, the main reason is not needed The second processing is adopted by most manufacturers; if steel pipes are used, surface treatment is also adopted, and most of them are cold-plated electrolytic zinc oxide treatment to prevent rust; while stainless steel is generally not treated on the surface, corrosion resistance is more durable than steel materials. In some special industries, there are more stainless steel rollers.

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The material selection of the roller conveyor frame and other accessories. The roller conveyor frame currently has several materials for steel plate, channel steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy profiles. The materials used in different industries are different but also affected by the material. Price impact; the current use of steel plate bending is the most used, the main reason is that the steel plate has high strength, the economic price is moderate, and the surface can be sprayed and sprayed; on some heavy equipment transportation, the rack chooses more channel steel, and the roller conveyor is made The machine has strong bearing capacity.

Stainless steel rack roller conveyors generally have more choices in industries such as food processing, packaging, and chemical industries; roller conveyors using aluminum alloy materials are mainly in the electronics industry, with more automated light equipment, aluminum alloy materials are beautiful to use, and structure Good, modular assembly, easy disassembly, and other advantages.

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